Are you tired of pitching yourself at events, hating your voice and the words you use while you’re talking? Are you fed up with being a bit jealous of that colleague who gets all the attention during meetings because he knows how to tell a story the right way?
Are you still figuring out how to get used to public speaking?
How to feel at ease in front of an audience?
How to speak up and enjoy it? 

If you are looking for a place, a community in which you can rehearse public speaking, and:

  • Where taking small steps is the way to reach the goal.

  • Where you can exercise without being judged.

  • That motivates you even with trial and error.

  • Where daring to speak up is applauded.

  • Where you can discover if and how public speaking can become a part of your life and business.

...then TLA Speakers Club offers you that haven.

The TLA Speakers Club is the right cocktail of a nice evening at your private club mixed with speaking exercises and peer-to-peer training for everyone. It’s having fun while teaching yourself and learning from others. We gather every month, so you won’t risk losing your acquired skills.



What's in it for you? 


  • You can start out small. Don’t worry, 30-minute keynotes are not required.. we exercise small talks, speech elements, network chit-chat

  • This is your chance to try out your jokes, storytelling, introduce yourself, explain things, give short speeches, improvise, pitch, etc..

  • This is THE opportunity for you to try out and get immediate feedback from your peers. You can finally find out what the audience is really thinking

  • You grow your self-confidence

  • You exercise several public speaking techniques

  • You rehearse in a setting where everyone is trying, so trial and error becomes essential!

  • Rehearsing with peers is fun, and so is learning from others

  • Make new friends, share experiences, even do business :))

THis is what you get as a member


  • 5 X 3h-training in an informal setting

  • Starting from september until january

  • small group (max 6 people)

  • every club member gets his or her moment(s) on stage

  • Every club session you have your own focus exercise and impro

  • peer to peer exercising

  • Professional feedback from ianka

  • New technique every month

  • In dutch or English

Your investment:

2375€ /autumn 2018

+ VAT excl.


Do you want to subscribe to this program? 

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Frequently asked questions


+ The Speakers CLub is your kind of thing if

  • you are looking for an informal place to exercise and rehearse
  • you are frightened to speak in public
  • you are starting out with public speaking
  • you already give keynotes and presentations but you feel the need to improve on it on a regular basis


  • you are a trainer in public speaking
  • you are not appreciative of peer-to-peer training
  • you already think you know/do it all

+ Are Club evenings always on evenings?

  • We think evenings are a good choice because we gather every month. If we do this during day time, this would mean you have to leave your work/company for 5 days. We want public speaking to become a part of your business and not cost you business.

+ Why do I have to pay immediately?

  • If you subscribe to this program you have to pay for it immediately. We do this so we (and you) are sure that your seat is yours. There are only 6 student-speakers allowed. We want to be sure every subscription is for real.

+ I subscribed for the GHENT Speakers Club, can I join in Bornem/Hasselt too?

No, only by occasion and if place is available. Ask first.

+ I made a reservation but I can not make it?

Because we work in small groups it is important you make a reservation to be sure of your spot. If you made a reservation and couldn't make it, there is no refund.

+ Speakers Club looks more expensive then other initiatives ?

If you think Speaker Club is more expensive then other public speaking training days then you need to take a look at the following facts:

  • Most trainings that are cheaper go for 10 to 15 participants. At Speakers Club we go for a small group (max 6)
  • Our concept is build on the principle that repeated training is necessary to grow. That is why Speakers Club is a monthly training
  • We choose to offer an 'injection' of public speaking skills and at the same time not to overdo it for you, so that's why we go for a 3 hours of training.
  • Organising an event means booking a venue and catering. The more days the training takes,the more venues you have to book and pay regardless the number of participants.
  • Some public speakingclubs are cheaper because they don't work with an expert (like ianka) and do not offer real training, only peer to peer feedback.

Some final words from ianka, founder of Thought Leaders Academy


If you want a playground to experiment with public speaking, then the Speakers Club is the place to be. 

As an actress, I always had the opportunity to experiment in theatre. I was able to try and fail without being judged but being motivated instead. It is a privilege I want everyone in public speaking to experience.

Since I started training speakers, I have often been proposed to create a haven for those who need to train their self-confidence or are seeking a place to exercise. 
So here it is!

I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you grow.