You are a thought leader.
With great ideas you're passionate about.
And you want to share them with the world.


  • You want to be a highly-paid, professional keynote speaker
  • You are a corporate presenter looking to have an unfair advantage over your competition
  • You are an entrepreneur looking to position yourself as an expert and promote your business
  • You are an non-fiction author wanting to promote your book through keynotes


Have you been invited to deliver a keynote presentation at a conference?  Then we can help you to take your impact to a next level.  ianka fleerackers, public speaking expert & professional speaker, is passionate about coaching industry leaders, visionairs and academics to engage, inspire and transform people with highly impactful keynotes.  

Our Light keynote coaching service includes:

  • Taking an existing presentation to the next level
  • Defining or refining a story that will resonate with your audience
  • Offering practice sessions to streamline and strengthen your performance


This is for you if

You already have a keynote to start with. This keynote has to be deliverable as full text.
You are planning to present this keynote occasionally or once.


Our Premium keynote coaching services include:


The previous option PLUS

  • Helping to determine the blueprint of the keynote
  • Online course in keynote writing
  • Online follow-up  in keynote writing fase 
  • Visual Presentation brainstorm session
  • Effectively rehearsing your keynote for optimum engagement, flow, and impact


This is for you if

You still have to write your keynote or you are having a keynote-writers block.




The Premium PLUS

  • Coaching for professional stage presence and vocal projection
  • Guiding you through rehearsals and skills tune-ups,  on-site at the event venue 
  • Your personalized speakers press kit you can present to event organisers.


THis is for you if

You want to enter the event market with a keynote you can deliver on multiple and diverse event stages during a more extended period. 
You want to position yourself with this one keynote as an expert and a thought leader in your field.



Keynote training is for:

If you want to become a

  • Entrepreneurs and leaders
  • Academics and industry experts
  • Writers of non-fiction books
  • Visionairs and futurists
  • Coaches and consultants
  • motivational speaker
  • inspirational speaker
  • industry speaker
  • celebrity speaker
  • seminar leader
  • thought leader

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